Ducati Men's T-Shirt Cool Down 2 Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve - 981073

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Drudi Performance short sleeve technical T-shirt that combines an eye-catching design with excellent performance in terms of the lightweight, elastic and breathable fabric. Made from low absorption Dryarn® fabric, it features new wide woven mesh zones to optimize body breathability and eliminate excess heat in areas prone to increased sweating. Perfect comfort and feeling, also thanks to the reduced seams and area reinforced with a specific design for motorcycling use, ensuring a great fit without hindering freedom of movement. The ideal garment to wear under sports jackets in warm weather, to enjoy the trip and relish every bend.

Outside Low absorption Dryarn fabric (40% Polypropylene, 40% Polyamide and 20% Polyester)
Comfort Doesn't charge with static electricity Elasticized fabric Micromesh inserted in the areas of heavy perspiration Reinforced areas specifically designed for motorcycle use
Plus Crease-resistant fabric. No ironing Self-extinguishing No allergic reactions Does not absorb water, humidity or perspiration. Maintains the body’s natural temperature

Linea prodotto Ducati
Composition Dryarn®Fabric